LG unveils the futuristic Tone Infinim concept Bluetooth headphones

by Gavril Mankoo

Given the fact that we absolutely despise wires, probably more than Auto-Tune and the ever-rising gas prices, Bluetooth technology never fails to make us smile. Most recently, we had the pleasure of stumbling across this fantastic piece of technology that made the audiophile in us sing! Called the Tone Infinim, what we’ve got here is a work of art created in collaboration with LG and Harman/Kardon. Inspired by the LG Tone headset previously unleashed by the manufacturer in 2013, this Infinim “will be the perfect companion device to complement our new flagship smartphone LG G3, offering superior sound for a superior phone,” says LG’s president and CEO, Dr. Jong-seok Park.

Apart from looking like it has been plucked right out of a sci-fi movie, the Tone Infinim also sports some pretty cool specifications, like the fact that it features a battery life of 550 hours on standby, 17 hours talk time, 14 hours of continuous media playback, and a jog button that lets you shuffle through all the music you’ve got stored on your device. And that’s not all. The LG Tone Infinim also vibrates when notifications come through. For now, LG hasn’t mentioned the pricing though we do expect to hear a lot more from the manufacturer soon.