LG Tone Active Bluetooth Headset is sweat proof

by Gareth Mankoo

It annoys us how rarely we come across Bluetooth headgear that isn’t sweat-ready. The LG Tone Active Bluetooth Headset manages to tame our spite with a cool design and sweat as well as water resistance. Called the LG Tone Active, the Bluetooth headset sports IPX3 water and sweat resistant rating and tangle free retractable earbuds. In addition to the convenient Bluetooth pairing with a number of devices, the device also sports a Quad-Layer speaker technology and digital MEMS microphone for better clarity and clear bass and treble. The company claims that the feature will also ensure lesser distortion at higher frequencies.

With a continuous play time of up to 9.5 hours of listening to music and 13 hours of talking, you could be sure that this one’s here to last for an adventure. It will come in orange only and has to be worn around the neck. If that doesn’t bother you much you can pick it for $129. Initially it is only available through AT&T.

[Via – Pocketlint]

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