LG to unleash 84-inch Ultra HD Smart TV with Cinema 3D worldwide starting this September

by sam

Every time you buy a big flat screen TV and are really happy about it, something seems to immediately turn up in the market that makes what you have pretty diminutive (And you once again want to upgrade!) But that is pretty much the modern trend when it comes to gadgets and gizmos and LG has just made your big LCD TV look a lot less intimidating with the launch of the 84-inch high definition TV in the Korean market. Currently set to be available for 25 million won, which roughly translates to $22,105, the 84LM9600 comes with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160.

While finding a service provider who will stream such high quality content, which will really bring out the best from this 84-inch monster, is almost impossible to find, you can still enjoy awesome gaming and also hook up your Blu-Ray Player for quality picture. LG promises to bring the 84LM9600 to eager consumers across the globe sometime next month and if you do wish to bring it home, then be prepared to feel a tight pull on your purse strings. But what you get in return is well worth the tug!