LG teases men at the loo with its IPS displays

by Gavril Mankoo

Consumer electronics giant, LG has come up with a fantastic way to show-off the true potential of its IPS displays. The company recently left a bunch of men shocked and embarrassed with its latest offline demonstration technique. Here’s what LG did! The company overhauled a regular bathroom and fitted it with IPS display screens. Hooked up to sensors, these screens turned on all of a sudden, giving the guys in the loo the impression of being watched by some lovely women on the other side of the toilet.

[Catch the video after the jump]

The realism of the screen was then measured by how long the guys actually took to pee, given that most people find it difficult to answer the sweet call of nature at embarrassing instances. As per LG’s reports, the screens reality caused an average pee delay of 16 seconds, with nearly 26% of the “victims” failing to urinate in front of the display!

[Via – Gizmodo]