LG Optimus G Pro to decked with Eye Recognition ensure you do not miss out a scene

by Gareth Mankoo

LG has just put in some magic ingredients and rolled out what is called Smart Video, a feature that enables automatic playing and stopping of videos without manual input from users. Magical as it may seem, it’s a lot more practical as eye-tracking mechanisms are taking shape, surely and strongly. And to prove that they mean business in the field of innovative interactivity, the Korean giants are adding Smart Video to the LG Optimus G Pro . How this works? The front camera detects when the user is staring into the screen and when he will stare away. As soon as it detects him looking away from the screen the video will pause, thus ensuring that not a moment is missed. This drives away all the cumbersome effort of pausing and seeking back to the point where you lost drift and playing again. Another exciting feature in the phone is the Dual Camera, which captures photos simultaneously on the front and back cameras, and provides users with a picture in picture comparison.


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