LG G2 Korean event fail leaves 20 folks injured

by Gareth Mankoo

Patience is a virtue a gizmo-lusting person wouldn’t know about. In fact, with patience on your mind, you could well run out of some cool new devices that keep rolling in every other day. Such is a learning that proved quite expensive for LG’s Korean event organizers. The company planned an innovative means of promoting the LG G2 in Korea. They inflated scores of balloons with helium and set them off into the orbit. The catch was the some of these balloons had vouchers for free G2 handsets. The idea was to wait for the balloons to get deplete and have some random lucky winner find the voucher. That’s surely enough of a teaser to get folk interested. However, some folks lacking the aforementioned virtue turned up with BB guns and began shooting down the balloons before they could deflate. In the bargain and the rush that followed around 20 people were injured and LG were left with dregs of an idea gone wrong.

The company was prompt to cancel the remaining events at significant spots across Korea. Well, looks like they need a Robert Downey Jr. of their own to save some grace now.

[Via – Phandroid]