LG Dios V9100 set to make entry into Korean market as the world’s largest capacity refrigerator

by sam

If you believe in ‘bigger is better’, the LG has the perfect gift for you. Ready to make its entry into the Korean market sometime this weekend is the LG Dios V9100, the refrigerator which will take the crown of sporting the largest capacity currently available. The Dios V9100 will come with 910 liters capacity and yet will not prove all that taxing on your energy bills and overall power consumption thanks to LG’s latest energy-saving technology. The V9100 is touted to consume 35.8 kilowatts hour and that is pretty much the same as the power consumption of any 700-liter twin door model out in the market today.

This makes the V9100 30 percent more efficient that the conventional models and its four-door form offers ample space and smart options when it comes to storage. Despite coming with 910-liter capacity its exterior volume is pretty much the same as most two door refrigerators with far less capacity. This ensures that you will not have to rework your kitchen space to accommodate the giant. While its price is not yet known, it should be somewhere between $3200 and $3900 in the Korean market.