LG Announces the Global Launch of its 2020 TV Lineup

by dhiram

LG on Wednesday announced the global launch of its 2020 TV lineup, led by 14 new OLED models with upgraded artificial intelligence (AI) features, to expand its presence in the premium TV market. Featured in most of LG 2020 OLED and 8K NanoCell TVs is the new α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor. LG’s third-generation processor builds on the capabilities of its predecessors, leveraging additional processing power and advanced deep learning algorithms to further boost picture and sound quality on the new TVs. The α9 Gen 3 heightens viewers’ sense of immersion via several new features designed to enhance movies, sports, games and other types of content.

LG’s 2020 TVs support the latest HDMI specifications including eARC and ALLM for higher-quality audio and a smooth, lag-free performance. LG’s 8K models can play native 8K content from HDMI and USB digital inputs and support a wide range of codecs including HEVC, VP9 and AV1, the codec preferred by YouTube and other major streaming platforms. LG’s 8K TVs support 8K content streaming at 60FPS and are certified to provide 8K 60P over HDMI.

As the first manufacturer to offer TVs that are officially NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, LG is introducing a total of 12 new OLED models supporting this essential gaming technology. G-SYNC ensures graphics are rendered perfectly, increasing players’ sense of immersion by adapting the TV’s refresh rate to the frame rate of the connected hardware. LG’s 2020 OLED and NanoCell TVs support HDMI VRR, making LG the only TV brand offering compatibility with a wide variety of gaming devices such as graphics cards and game consoles.

The CX series 4K OLED AI ThinQ TVs will be available this month in South Korea and the United States, followed by markets in other regions. The 55-and 65-inch CX models will go on sale in South Korea on Wednesday, while the 77-inch version will be launched next month. The factory price of the 55-inch CX model is 2.8 million won ($2,340) in South Korea, while that of the 65-inch version is 5 million won ($4185). The three new GX Gallery series models — 55-, 65- and 77-inches versions — will be launched later this month. The art-inspired GX Gallery OLED TVs boast an ultrathin form factor — the 65-inch model is only 20 millimeters thin. The high-end 77-inch GX Gallery model comes with a factory price tag of 12.5 million won ($10,047) in Korea, with the 66-inch at 5.6 million won ($4690) and the 55-inch at 3.1 million won ($2600).

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