Lernstift, the pen that checks your spellings and handwriting!

by Gavril Mankoo

We don’t really blame Microsoft Word for the fact that the most of us have forgotten our spellings, though you could point a finger at spell-check technology that has turned extremely popular on just about every text-based software and application today. Now, making sure you don’t spell wrong and put across a message you probably wouldn’t want to anyway, two German designers, going by the names of Falk and Daniel have come up with the Lernstift, a pen that vibrates every time you make a written mistake!

The idea was first conceived by Falk’s wife while she helped her son with his homework. We’re guessing the child isn’t particularly good at his spellings, which lead to the invention of this fantastic pen. And spell-checks isn’t all the Lernstift is capable of! The pen also monitors legibility, keeping a vary eye on your handwriting, making sure you cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’. With three interchangeable nibs, fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and pencil, the Lernstift is quickly turning viral and its creators are currently crowd-funding the production of these pens on Kickstarter.


[Via – Cnet]

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