Leonar3Do Takes Art and Design to a 3D Level

by iona

If you are a budding artist bored of the confines of 2D, Leonar3Do may be the outlet you have been yearning for. Leonar3Do is a 3D art app that allows you to take control of space. Basically, a desktop VR kit with a simple pair of 3D glasses and “bird” – Leonar3Do’s unique hand-held air-suspended mouse – you can design, create and literally draw objects out of your computer screen. Dániel Rátai and Zoltan Karpati, who helped develop Leonar3Do, vouch for the innovation and user-friendly nature of the app. They claim it is easy enough for even an 8-year old child to install and handle. They also see a bright future for Leonar3Do and mechanical product design. Leonar3Do comes with the program: LeoWorld, which supports standard 3D file formats (.obj, .stl, .3ds) and any other 3D design software. With LeoWorld, you can create 3D virtual objects, free form models, animation and 3D drawings, as well as design 3D presentations, games and real time physics. To make it even easier, a Software Development Kit is included in the package, so software developers can create or connect any software to Leonar3Do.

Leonar3Do can be ordered from 3D for All Ltd for a 3-zero: $1000.


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