Lenovo’s LePhone with keyboard – More details and pictures

by Shayne Rana

This may be Lenovo’s first attempt at a smartphone but it seems like they’re going the Apple way as this looks like a real hit. The device called ‘LePhone’, which his as unusual as they come, is a real looker. Aside from its 3.7-inch touchscreen it can be hooked up to a rather awesome looking dock that houses an oval full QWERTY keypad with a navigation system in the dead center. It seems like a very well balanced set. The dock also adds a bit more juice to the handset’s battery life and augments the handset further as it comes with built-in speakers. Even with the keyboard the ‘LePhone’ is still quite sleek. The UI also appears to be very customized which makes this not just another Android handset, that’s for damn sure.


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