Lego welcomes Obama

by shilpa

Lego is a fun game. They come up with such crazy idea that doesn’t involve having to strain your eyes or get violent at a screen. There latest amusement is a bunch of politicians gathered around with around 100 onlookers witnessing a historical handshake. And what better occasion than the next best thing to hamburgers coming out of the US – electing the first African-American president. The company is doing this gesture as part of the inauguration celebrations with all the who-is-who of the White House including Bush Junior and his wife.

Lego sure knows how to keep up with the times and grab some limelight. Obama IS after all hot topic and if everyone isn’t caught chanting his name, they are so not IN. Come to think of it, he has even got a couple of kids who would surely not mind a collection from some toy giant, don’t you think?