Lego sunglasses may not be every Lego fans pic

by Gareth Mankoo

We have seen a lot of Lego “things” around including the Lego Camcorder and the Lego Boombox. What we have here may be a little awkward for some Lego fans to deal with. It’s a completely sissy, colorful sunglass that is studded with the design of Lego bricks. It may bring some home to the mind of an unsatisfied, gay being who wants a differently styled sunglass every day he steps out. All you need are a few more bricks and you can change the whole shape of the sunglasses, yet keeping your eyes cool and healthy.

The Lego Sunglasses are the result of collaboration between Lego and Lynx Optiqu, a French optical company. There’s no word on the pricing of this one though.