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Lego Pathfinder spaceship – One of the most complex ever made

by Dhiram Shah

The Lego Pathfinder takes the cake for one of the most complex Lego structures till date. The exploration ship has a crew of 17 and is complete with laser guns, escape pods, docking stations, satellites and interstellar probes. Also included are escape pods and a Laboratory for Medicine and Research. No information is available in the number of pieces involved in this mega structure.
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Designed by Grey Fang the specs are
192 x 86 studs
67 x 30 scale meters
Exploration and Survey
Bridge (Seats 5)
2 Main Engines – each comprised of 1 jump drive and 4 manuevering thrusters
4 Escape Pods – two persons per module
1 Survey Spacecraft (not shown) held inside external docking loop
4 “Vulture” Aerospace Vehicles (stowed in cargo bay)
4 Reusable Satellites (external mount)
4 Reusable Jump-Capable Probes (external mount)
4 Armored EVA Suits
4 EVA Suits
8 Intra-Vehicle Zero-Atmosphere Suits
Laboratory for Medicine and Research
Surgery Bay
14 Crew Berths
2 Turret Hardpoints
4 Fixed Hardpoints
Commanding Officer (CO)
Executive Officer (XO)
Helm Officer
Navigation Officer
Survey Officer
Engineering Officer
Extra-Vehicle Operations Officer
Security Officer
Medical Officer (Surgeon)
Medical/Lab Technician
Survey Technician
Propulsion Technician (2)
EVA Technician (1)
Security Robot (3)
XO Quarters
CO Quarters
NCO Quarters (sleeps 2)
Engineering Spaces (2)
Crew Bunks (8)

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  1. chris

    i think its amazing. im a lego fan and ive seen the millenium falcon. im planning on building an arc de triomphe so if you see it on the internet,youll know its me!


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