LEGO Boombox is one huge brick

by Gareth Mankoo

Boomboxes are known for their grit and bulk. Of course, you need to be a flamboyant personality to really take your boombox places. Now, you can be a cornered nerd and still get one, especially if you’re a LEGO fan. Shaped like an over-grown LEGO brick, the boombox offers cool features such as FM/AM support, MP3 player support, and built-in speakers with bass boosters and stacking facilities with the famed LEGO Alarm Clock. All this, in conjunction with the usual CD playback that happens to be any boomboxes real role. It also has a 1.1-inch LCD screen and a 3.5mm audio jack so that you are a friendly when it comes to global audio standards.

The LEGO Boombox is expected to start stocking by 18th April. So if you’re too eager to splurge then hold your horses. £50 (~$81).