Lego slippers protect your feet from Lego injuries

by Gareth Mankoo

Someone finally thought about this. The wincing and grimacing that follows a Lego aficionado stepping on one of his prized bricks can only be understood by those who work with piles of bricks, putting them together in a quest to achieve something great. So, to protect these and many more careless folk who never miss stepping on a stray brick lying around, the Lego slippers have arrived. The slippers are an effort by Lego to ensure that their fans are not subject to game-related injuries. The company has tied up with Brand Station to have these specially designed slippers manufactured. It is said that they can stomp over bricks without troubling your feet much, let alone the bruising.

Lego has so far only made 1,500 pairs of these slippers. Even worse is the fact that they are being randomly gifted to shoppers who have created a wishlist on the Lego France website. We hope that there is a wider scale of manufacturing for these to spread Stateside and world over.


[ Via : Freshnessmag ]