LEDs are here to stay! Say hello to the aesthetically escalated Edison Light Globes

by Gavril Mankoo

When it comes to lighting solutions, there are a myriad to choose from, available in just about every color, shape, size and kind you can think of. However, very few of these actually manage to create a lasting impression on users and observers alike. One such lighting solution we came across very recently is the handsome Edison Light Globes’ LED light bulbs. These extremely eye-catching lights promise to light up your living space while adding a dash of aesthetic beauty too. How do these LED lights manage to do all of this without losing out on practicality and uniqueness?

The answer lies in the fact that these 120V LED bulbs emit a soft and pleasing glow. This makes the Edison Light Globes quite remarkable indeed. The bulbs are available in 3- and 5-watt models and put out as much light as a standard 35W and 45W incandescent! That said, these bulbs have a life expectancy of a whopping 20,000 hours. All this comes for a not-so-steep price of just $30 to $40 a pop. Buying these bulbs in bulk will induce additional discounts, encouraging buyers to change the lighting of their living space as much as possible. Pull the plug on the incandescent folks! The future is here, with LEDs!

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