LED Art Fan for Manga lovers

by Dhiram Shah

Fans have been subject to a lot of enhancements and features that surpass the standard cooling functions. From providing FM radio to music players in them, many table fans have also been known to be famous alarm clocks. However those were things of the past and its computers that have taken over everything including table fans. The one we have here is pretty interesting and cool too! Using a serial port, it connects to your PC and is capable of receiving files from your PC that are capable of providing a brilliant LED display on your otherwise ordinary fan, something on the lines of LED spinners. All you need is a PC with Windows 98, 2000 or XP. The 5MB memory is good enough to store 128 colorful frames so that you don’t end up getting a feeling that you’re new fan’s turning into some stereotypical rendition of the same boring piece of art.

The fantastic LED Fan Art costs $390. And oh! I almost forgot! You need a serial port so that you can plug in the USB connector.
Via – Gizmodude