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Leadtek Health Baby keeps a tab on your heart

by Dhiram Shah

Heart beat monitors have evolved from the manual ones where the doc pumped out the air from the wrist band till you yelled, to automatic units which pumped out the air electronically and delivered an accurate result on a LCD screen. However this is the Internet age and keeping with the times here is the Leadtek Health Baby which looks more like a fancy MP3 player. This tiny device measures your heart rate without pain, users simply have to place the device on the chest or put two thumbs on the electrodes and push the button to start recording. Recorded data can be transmitted via a USB cable to a PC or mobile phone where data is displayed for intensive analysis and evaluation by physicians then forwarded to the Health Management Center through Internet for advanced daily monitoring. The unit has 64 MB of internal memory and can be connected via USB 2.0.

Leadtek Health Baby measures 43 x 36 x 15mm and weighs in at 18 grams. Pricing and availability is not known yet, it is surprising to see Leadtek a company manufacturing PC components to shift to healthcare.

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  1. John

    Point: The device that they pump until you scream measures blood pressure, not heart beat.

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