Lavazza and Argotec build a coffee machine for space

by Gavril Mankoo

Everyone loves a hot cuppa’ espresso once in a while, even astronauts up in space, who usually have a little more to worry about then the rest of us earthlings. To make their trips to space a little more caffeinated Lavazza and Argotec recently collaborated with the Italian Space Agency to introduce the ISSpresso, the world’s first capsule-based espresso system that’s capable of working smoothly in space. Argotec is an Italian engineering company specialized in the design of aerospace systems and was the best to work on a project as such with Lavazza, Italy’s favorite coffee brand.

The ISSpresso is more than a coffee-machine for space, given the fact that it can quietly deliver a perfect cup of espresso, even in a weightless environment! The machine was selected to be used aboard the ISS and will be placed at the ‘corner café’, a hub for socializing on board the Station. This innovation will bring a load of relief to astronauts who spend months on the International Space Station, far away from home, the planet earth and every café. Besides making espressos, the machine is also capable of churning out a caffè lungo or hot beverages, such as tea, infusions and broth.