Latest update gives Google Glass full web browser, enhanced voice controls

by Sayan Chakravarty

By the time Google mass produces Google Glass, it will attain the state of near perfection. All the credit should go to the awesome group of engineers exploring the capability of the eyewear and churn out some kickass updates for it. ‘Project Glass’ has trickled a few more updates couple of hours back which include the much anticipated feature of browsing web pages. The group has focussed on voice experience this month. Just add “ok glass” and punch in a voice command after it and let the headgear do the rest. The update has given Google Glass more handsfree support.

With this latest update, the user can tap to send a message or make a phone call to a Gmail “My contacts.” A simple tap on “message” from the main menu and swiping through the contacts’ profile photos will let the user send a message. But the best part of the update is its web browsing feature. To view a website, the user has to tap “View Website” toggle which will bring up the web page. Once opened, the touchpad can be used to explore it seamlessly. This month’s update got a huge cheer from the online community.

[Via – Google]

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