Laser Engraved iPhone with Epilog’s Zing

by yogesh

Epilog’s Zing laser engraver is essentially a computer printer that uses a 25W CO2 laser instead of a toner cartridge. It reproduces images on an array of surfaces, including woods and metals; the only thing is that it can’t add color. In a DIY project, friends at engraved their iPhone using the Zing, and here’s how they did it:

iPhone Laser Engraving – from geekdotcom on Vimeo.
The Zing was hooked up to a standard notebook computer and was using a Corel program to manipulate the art and position the image. I wanted it bigger, but they recommended that we not go over the plastic or mirrored Apple logo, for obvious reasons.
Check out the video as well.
Epilog’s Zing laser engraver costs $8000.

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