Laser Crosswalk could keep overzealous drivers off the gas with a light show

by Shayne Rana

Lasers and projections are all the rage these days. But let’s forget about the disco and weaponry use we would imagine for this technology for minute. We have seen lasers used in quite a lot of humanitarian fields as well including the medical. Now, it just might come to pass, thanks to a brilliant concept designed by one Hanyoung Lee, lasers could also be used effectively at road signals with cross walks. The idea is to have two sets of lasers on either side of the Zebra crossing that would activate when the light turns green for walking. It would run a series of lasers in front of the stationary cars depicting pedestrians crossing so as to inhibit drivers who might want to ‘get ahead’ before time. The Laser Crosswalk Concept would create a divider between the pedestrians crossing the street and the cars and even give the drives a bit of light show to help pass the time while waiting for the lights to change.


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