Largest rocket model is 36 feet tall and 1600 pounds heavy

by anoop

Model Saturn V rocket was custom designed and built by Steve Eves who hopes to enter the record books for flying the largest model rocket in history. At 36+ feet tall and weighing in at over 1,600 pounds, the mini-Saturn V is powered by nine rocket motors including 8 13,000ns N-Class motors and a single 77,000ns P-Class motor. If everything goes well, the single stage flight should reach an altitude between 3,000 and 4,000 feet, and at apogee, the rocket will separate into three parts and return to Earth with the assistance of various parachutes. Eves estimates he’s invested about 1,500 hours into the project with a total budget of around $25,000, though that will actually be covered by various sponsors for the April 25th launch event.

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