Lantic Systems’ pure gold remote control

by yogesh

If you’ve hit on the jackpot and want to indulge in a few fancy things, I suggest that you complement that high-end stereo system in your yacht with something gilded. Let the world bat their fake eyelashes in astonishment, but you go ahead and procure the Gold RC1 from Lantic Systems. The company specializes in developing high-end integrated entertainment systems, and has designed this remote control in pure gold. It’s designed to control the entertainment systems in high-end yachts. But if you think the idea of gilded remotes is crazy, wait till I tell you what the manufacturers think prices of remotes in the States is, $1,050!

Sorry to burst you bubble Lantic Systems, but remotes in the US don’t cost so much, so don’t try to pass of the $55,000 price tag for the Gold RC1 as reasonable.
Via – Luxurylaunches

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