Lanlubbers beware the H2Office makes sure you’re busy at work even out at sea

by Shayne Rana

The portable or outdoorsy offices and homes are becoming quite the rage with the western world. Cozy spaces that are well furnished and neatly designed seemed to be making big waves and here’s one that rides on its one wave. The H2Office is a small space, floating office that looks a bit like those old all-weather torches, only much bigger of course. It doesn’t necessarily even need to be used as an office as the interiors can be customized for quiet a few purposes. It’s 9m in length and runs on 240V shore-power and offers all the modern convinces of a house on dry land from Air conditioning, a shower and a WC. Designed and built in the UK these water homes, can be berthed in a marina or a private waterway and will set you back a cool £60,000 that’s about $90,000 (USD) not including VAT.


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