Kyocera’s kinetic powered OLED phone is total eye candy!

by Gareth Mankoo

This can well be the cellphone of the future and hell yeah! The future’s looking a lot better than it did when we stared blankly at all those silly concept phones that were never to be. Since the phone’s an OLED all over, it can be used as a convertible, i.e. the phone can be folded, just like a wallet to either reveal the keypad or to unfold into a screen. This makes it flexible enough to fit in your pocket. What’s more is that it is a fantastic energy saver. Besides a screen that uses minimum energy, the phone derives its energy from the finger movements of the person using it! This is done with the help of piezoelectric generators that derive energy from human interaction.

This OLED phone will ensure that you are never out of charge and if you ever need to charge you’re phone then the only requirement is you. This one’s designed by Susan McKinney. Why, thank you ma’m!

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