Kyocera and Lion Develops Next Generation Musical Toothbrush through Sony’s Startup Initiative

by dhiram

Kyocera and Lion announced today the joint development of “Possi,” a next-generation musical toothbrush designed to help parents by making children’s final tooth brushing more fun and enjoyable. This new toothbrush concept was developed as part of Sony Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP) and the companies will begin raising funds towards commercialization in Japan on July 3, 2019 through First Flight, Sony’s crowdfunding and e-commerce website. By utilizing Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic piezoelectric element inside the head of the toothbrush, it turns electrical signals into vibrations to transmit music directly to the user without the use of external speakers, so only the child can hear the music*.

To develop the Possi musical toothbrush, Kyocera has brought its advanced ceramic technology while Lion offers its know-how in oral care product development cultivated over 120 years of operations in Japan and other Asian countries and regions. By combining Kyocera’s and Lion’s unique technologies, Possi effectively removes plaque in addition to offering music functionality. It also features a playful design thanks to supporting from the Creative Center at Sony and a custom musical theme by Japanese musician DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan.

Possi is a toothbrush for the parent’s final brushing after a child brushes on their own. The round shape and candy-colored design appeal to children. Kyocera’s small ceramic piezoelectric element and digital-driven amplifier mounted on the body cause the toothbrush head to vibrate, allowing the child to hear and enjoy music only when the brush head is in contact with the child’s teeth or the inside of the mouth. Users can play their own music by connecting a smartphone or other device using the audio cable.

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