Kult Studio delivers your favorite characters in a prized frame

by shilpa

We have all stuck up our favorite cartoon characters, super heroes and comic book protagonists on our room walls. Now that we have all grown up and prefer having a simple painted wall and have a piece of art on it, it is good to think of collectibles. Kult Studio is a new organisation that specialises in high-end artwork from the major animation and comic studios. The company was founded by Jeffrey Mackey and Brandon Savoy who each boast over 10 years of experience in art and design. They are not really posters, but a selection of original artworks and high-quality signed limited edition collectibles from animation studios including Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, Marvel, DC Comics and 20th Century Fox. Buyers can choose between framed or unframed artwork. Take a look at the Simpsons in Director’s Edition # 3 that retails for $1,700 (framed). While various faces of Batman come together for $1,200. Beautiful Snow White is sweeping up for $1,300.

This is also claimed to be the only online gallery that currently offers a 10 per cent rewards program to its customers on every purchase to use toward future purchases. Also there are constant special deals, discounts and giveaways for its members, who can sign up for free. Members will also get $25 in their account on joining. Shipping is free for domestic orders.
What I am definitely getting is the master of pure evil, Stewie.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]