Kraft Calls for Packaging Ideas to Protect Chocolate from Melting

by iona

Isn’t it embarrassing when you think you’ve managed to have a sneaky chocolate bar, only to discover that it’s melty goodness has been smeared all over your face since morning? Or, on peeling the wrapper off your sweet, you end up with brown gunk all over your hands and white shirt? Well, Kraft is calling for ideas from packaging companies for cost-effective chocolate bar wrappers that will protect their products from temperatures of up to 104 degrees and from the white “bloom” discoloration that occurs when chocolate is stored in sunlight. Considering the world is not getting any cooler, this initiative may secure the survival of the chocolate industry in the face of global warming. It could also reduce the need for excess packaging and cut down waste across the food industry.

If you think you have the answer to Kraft’s call, drop them an email with your bright idea for the future of chocolate wrappers.

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