Korean Robotic Dog all set to replace Aibo

by Dhiram Shah

Eungsang Park a South Korean inventor aims to the fill in the gap left by Aibo with the Jindo dog. Jindo will be much more advanced than Aibo claims the inventor. This robot character is designed very similar to a real dog. The character has accurately designed eyes, and particularly, its body and legs are designed suitable for running. It has a LCD on it’s back on which you can view DMB broadcasts and check email and surf the net. Below it’s tail it has a slot where you can insert DVD discs and watch movies on the screen. It has a tail on it’s joystick which allows you to play games. ARIN can feel touch as it has a sensitive sensor on its breast, and as a robot, it can do all functions of cellular phones and computers. In addition, children can use this robot in their study, as ARIN can provide necessary information through a screen on its back.

Eungsang Park is looking for a company to develop the product.

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