Korea has the fastest internet in the world at 34.14M bps, US lags behind ranking 27th

by Shayne Rana

Apparently the fastest Internet service in the world is found in South Korea. According to the creator of Speedtest, Ookla, the country is capable of downstream speeds of 34.14M bps. The lowest in this spectrum of 152 ranked countries is the Sudan where you’ll get speeds up to just 340K bps. When it comes to upstream rankings South Korea was still ahead of the pack at 18.04M bps. The others ranked in the top five segment were as follows Latvia (24.29M bps), the Republic of Moldova (21.37M bps), Japan (20.29M bps) and Sweden (19.78M bps). The US was quite ways behind in 27th place with 2.21M bps.
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