Kodak’s 14 MP ‘Slice’ touchscreen camera, Pulse digiframe and Playsport Camcorder all out at CES

by Gareth Mankoo

Kodak has gotten off to an amazing start at CES with the cool ‘Slice’ touchscreen camera. It comes with a 3.5 inch rear display, 5x optical zoom, 14megapixel sensor on the camera, image stabilization, 30fps 720p video capture. It has a capacity to hog up to 5000 images and also has a cool direct-tag feature. The company took pride in showing off the Pulse digital photo frame that will have features like Wi-fi, 512 MB storage and a cool 7 inch display screen. This means you can enjoy images at 800×600 pixels. Finally we have the Playsport Camcorder that will prove to be a survivor in even the most hostile situations (hell yeah, it’s waterproof). It will support HD recording, have a 2 inch LCD, 5 MP still shots, smart face tracking and SD/SDHC card slots. It also has a HDMI output and supports USB.

The ‘Slice’ camera can be expected in April for $350 in nickel, black and radish(!?). The Pulse frame will cost you $130 and the Playsport Camcorder will make it your way by April (as well) for $150.

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