KOBOT Robotic Scooter Concept takes directions from your smartphone

by ruchi

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show has been all-electric party. We earlier spoke of the E-Canopy personal commuter concept from Honda but the foldable smart-phone controlled robot scooter KOBOT touched a different level of tech marvel. This concept was born out of a partnership between Kowa and TMSUK who envision ushering in new trends when it comes to the future of urban driving. the three-wheel scooter has just one seat like the E-canopy and can be packed away after use in a space of around one square metre.

The makers here have targeted a speed of 30km/hour thus making the vehicle a perfect fit for navigation crowded concrete jungles without adding to any air pollution. Besides, the integrated smartphone functionality will allow the user to remotely direct the vehicle fold its rear wheel and seat onto the main body of the vehicle when not in use, something that will be of vital importance where parking space is a problem. No word on how soon these will hit the production mills but going by the effort and investment poured in for concept vehicles this year, we hope this will be a reality soon.
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