Klipsch rolls out slick-looking Mode noise cancellation headphones

by ruchi

Klipsch has unveiled Mode noise-canceling headphones which look slick with its smooth outer chassis and hue leather earcups. The American tech mills have been long known for their high-end loud speakers, loudspeaker drivers and enclosures so you can count on their abilities with this headphone too. The company claims that these can provide noise cancellation for up to 45 hours on a single battery, and it can double up as a regular pair of stereo headphones in case you don’t opt for the noise cancelation feature.

The earcups are known to be crafted out of “high-grade” leather so you know have something luxurious wrapped around your ears. The headphones also boast of 40mm woofer which will deliver deep bass and dynamic midrange with active crossover along with 15mm tweeters. The makers were kind enough to provide detachable cables for the headphone so you don’t have to replace the entire thing in case just the cable gets damaged. With all of this, expecting a modest price tag would be silly but we are still waiting for a confirmed word on price and availability.

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