Klipsch iFi

by Dhiram Shah

Ipodlounge has posted a preview of the highly anticipated Klipsch iFi. Given its pricing, the iFi system wisely straddles the fence between an iPod-specific speaker system and a more general-purpose multimedia system. Unlike the Bose SoundDock ($ 299), it includes an audio line-in port that can be connected via cable to your computer or another stereo audio source. iFi’s metallic gray plastic remote control is oval in shape and features five rubber buttons, organized vertically. The iFi’s dock – called the Control Dock – is also made from metallic gray plastic, and includes five sizers to fit varying sizes of iPods and iPod minis.

Though we don’t want to draw complete conclusions on the iFi’s audio quality until we have a truly final review unit in hand, the pre-production iFis offer a sonic experience that outstrips Bose’s – and pretty much all other iPod-specific speaker systems – by a fair margin. – Ipodlounge

Detailed Preview at IPodLounge