KitKat to use GPS-enabled chocolate packs to locate contest winners

by Gavril Mankoo

Most contests, competitions and get-lucky schemes go down the drain when winners cannot be tracked. So, KitKat has come up with a fantastically creepy yet tech-packed way to track down its winners. KitKat manufacturer Nestle recently kicked off a campaign, offering six lucky winners the chance to win a whopping a lot of money, £10,000 to be exact. On opening the lucky chocolate pack, a GPS device hooked inside notifies the prize team who will then quickly locate the lucky winner in less than 24 hours. And that’s not where it stops. KitKat is also making use of NFC technology posting 3,000 outdoor NFC-enabled posters with QR codes that allow smartphone users to interact with these advertisements and enter online contests for cash prizes. We love the thought put into this campaign, and the exceptional use of technology, though having Nestle stalk you does seem eerie.


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