Kit Kat Lucky Little brings good Fortune

by yogesh

No, this is not a confectionary site, but since we love Japan and their innovative methods of introducing tech-stuff into everyday things like chocolates, we are covering this one. In this new chocolate twist, there is a net connection involved, some serious binging and of course good (or bad) fortune. Kit Kat Japan has turned the transient snack into an online game that keeps your interest – long after the candy is gone! With their new Kit Kat Lucky Little, Nestle Japan has overhauled the classic Fortune Cookie for the next-gen. Here is a brief description on the new cookie, “Kit Kat Lucky Little contains a dozen & a half or so rounded square bits. Chips off the Kit Kat block, as it were. The bits are then coated with cherry-flavored confectionary (that’s a cherry blossom on the bag).” The bits of Lucky Little are either pink or white, resembling the shades of the cherry blossom petals and each bag contains a different ratio of white to pink bits. Once you have munched your way through the bag you need to go online to the Nestle site and feed in the number of white and pink bits, and in return your fortune is revealed!

PS: Can someone from Japan ship me a little luck?

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