Kisai the Xtal Wood watch displays time in cryptic codes

by Gavril Mankoo

Nobody likes rubber-necks, particularly those who peek into your wristwatch. “Wear your own watch for heaven’s sake!” we usually exclaim when we come across one of these numb-minded folks. Things are about to change though, as we’ve just spotted this fabulous piece of technology that tells the time, in an extremely cryptic and fascinating way. Called the Xtal Wood watch by Kisai, this timepiece displays the time in a simple-code, one which only the wearer will learn to comprehend quickly. The watch replaces the traditional 0-9 numbers with patterns that are similar in shape to the aforementioned digits and requires a little practice to read quickly.

Sporting a crystalline shaped natural wood case, the Xtal Wood watch comes with an LED time display and a faceted mineral crystal lens. For those who aren’t ready for the coded time, this watch can also be switched to a “regular” mode that displays conventional digits instead of patterns. The time can also be switched from a 12-hour mode to a 24-hour mode, making this watch even more versatile! The Xtal Wood watch is available in dark sandalwood with red or green LEDs or maple wood with blue or white LEDs. We’re adding this to our wish-list right now, are you?