Kinect graffiti lets you create art in thin air

by ruchi

Kinect hacks are pretty much a world in itself. Just sometime back I spoke of how Kinect was used to create real-time 3D Princess Leia hologram and now this graffiti video tells me that it’s going to be a long time before hackers are going to put the Kinect frenzy to some rest. Artist Jean-Christrophe Naour has created a 3D light-painting program that goes by the name of Kinect Graffiti. It draws up nice streaks of neon images that can capture tagging. Though the title can be misleading for he isn’t coloring any virtual walls here. It visualizes not just hand gestures but also body and drawing through different angles in realtime. Check out the video here that will give you a better dope on its capabilities.


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