KillSwitch smartphone App erases traces of your ex from Facebook

by Gareth Mankoo

With Valentine’s Day freshly past us and prospects of new relationships on the horizon, it is only obvious that many would want to erase all traces of their ex flames and look forward to the new. So, we have a Facebook app called KillSwitch that can make life much simpler for you, especially when you have several images of your ex in several folders that would take ages to mine out. The application identifies your ‘target’ and then goes on to move out all status updates, images and posts related to you and the ex. All this, without them finding out. These are placed in a separate folder that can be looked up later, should the analyst in you need some advice from past relationships.

This is a hard thing to do but when there a better prospect in mind, few would go on to make compromises. It’s been developed by Erica Manherz and Clara De Soto and reminds us all of what life would be like if ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ situations were real.

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