Kill the Undead with the official Resident Evil (The Umbrella Chronicles) Shot Blaster

by Dhiram Shah

“Yeah! Take that, and that you wrinkled zombie!” You’d so want to say that if the undead start taking over your town. But why should one wait for the evil to rain upon us. It’s wise to take a stand right from the beginning. Here’s presenting to you the official Resident Evil (The Umbrella Chronicles) Shot Blaster. It is bound clean all of them in a jiffy, no matter what their number be. All you need us a Nintendo Wii (Ouch!). The Shot Blaster has a built-in cord management system, Trigger Pull activated B Button, one and two hand shooting modes, quick reload and a lot more.

All you have to do is shell out $30 and the original Resident Evil Shot Blaster is yours! Wait, there’s a bonus available with the package too. This includes a silicon thumb grip (with the Umbrella log) for the Wii Nunchuck and a comfort deco skin for the Wii Remote.

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