Kia Motors shows off Optima SX Batmobile variant, more super-hero cars to follow

by Gareth Mankoo

Kia Motors may be a little too late to catch the fever pitch that The Dark Knight Returns stirred. However, they’re now here with a special edition of the famed car and guess what, they’ve tied up with DC Comics to ensure the authenticity of the mobile. Called the Optima SX, the car has been designed by Jim Lee, known for his comic book artworks, in partnership with Rides magazine. What’s really awe-inspiring is that the car is one among eight super-hero themed vehicles from the Justice League. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Cyborg are likely to follow suite.

The cars are designed as part of a campaign called ‘We Can Be Heroes’, which aims to fight hunger in Africa. The Optima SX Batmobile is on display at New York City’s Time Warner Center.