Kevlar clad Motorola Droid Ultra XT01080 surfaces online

by Sayan Chakravarty

Out of all the smartphone manufacturing companies, Motorola has taken the centre stage lately and is churning out a good chunk of rumours one after another. Latest leak made on XDA forum is on Motorola’s Ultra Droid or the Droid Maxx variant on Verizon (USA). The leak just had a picture of the purported Droid Ultra XT1080 without any technical specifications. Though the dimensions have not been mentioned but it looks pretty big and on the bezel carries the reminder from Motorola of this device being strictly confidential.

Very little is known about the device yet but through FCC filings it’s known to be compatible with LTE and will also have NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. And does the 1080 in the name denote the screen’s full HD resolution? Only time will tell but the coolest feature of the phone will definitely be its Kevlar back-cover and sides. More than its functionality, it’ll be a feature to boast about.

[Via – journaldugeek]

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