Kenwood rolls out Mini Hi-Fi systems, UD-NF7 and UD-F5

by Gareth Mankoo

Kenwood has released two Mini Hi-Fi devices that will offer more than a little. The UD-NF7 will come with Wi-Fi, DLNA and AirPlay support. These features will be denied in the UD-F5, but the latter will share the same features as the NF7 including 2-Channel 50W output at 4 Ohms, EX.BASS, a CD Player, FM/AM radio tuning capabilities, format support for MP3 and WMA files, USB support and Apple device support. They look small but are pretty powerful if we are to go by these specifications.

Both, the Kenwood UD-NF7 and UD-F5, will be made available in Japan early next month. the UD-NF7 will cost 60,000 Yen ($751) while the UD-F5 will cost just 38,000 Yen ($476).


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