KEF announces Concept Blade loudspeaker

by Gareth Mankoo

KEF are known to be bringing forth some interesting devices every now and then. The company that’s so little spoken of these days is already 50 years old. In celebration of this amazing tenure in the industry, KEF has decided to roll out their hugely popular KEF Concept Blade for the masses. The speakers are simply stunning with, firstly, good looks, and then the cool features. Among these are the Single Apparent Source Driver Configuration, Latest Uni-Q Driver Array,
Tangerine Waveguide, New Bass Technologies/4 Bass Units with Force Cancelling and Distinctive Design with Glass Reinforced Composite Cabinet. The sonic capabilities of the Concept Blade, a.k.a. the world’s first single apparent source loudspeaker are much spoken of.

The KEF Concept Blade is available starting today, in black and white. You can also get custom color jobs done in Garnet, Sapphire, Grigio, Racing Red, Racing Blue, Pale Gold, Orange Sorbet, Graphite, Stardust, Lemon Sorbet, Lime Sorbet or Snow White. £20,000 (~$32,433).

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