Katana hilt shift knob makes you the Samurai on wheels

by Gareth Mankoo

If the grip of a katana could send you smiling on the road then we’ve got some treatment for your road rage, albeit it’s the hilt of a sword that does the trick. These cool katana hilts double up as shift knobs and transform your driving experience into something more memorable. Crafted by some pretty skilled folk from Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, we can expect the hilts to be as authentic as they come. They come in standard red or black colors and can also be ordered in custom colors. Before you gleefully dig into your pockets, do take note that these are only being produced for two-ton trucks or larger vehicles. That’s a real downer now, isn’t it?

You could try making these yourself though, with a few traces of authenticity shaved off. If you do manage to pull this feat off, do share the video here.

[Via – Rocket News 24]

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