Karotz Smart Rabbits, bunny-shaped Facebook-enabled hardware for your social networking cravings

by Gavril Mankoo

Rabbits haven’t been known to do more than just sit around, munch on carrots and look cute. These latest tech-packed bunnies however help you connect to the world of social networking, and are the latest generation of a technology that first popped out of a hole in the ground in 2005. Called the Karotz Smart Rabbit, these rabbits are also the first-ever hardware device made especially for Facebook and allow you to take pictures to post on your wall and convert speech to text with simple voice commands. Also, these bunnies read out comments and wall posts aloud for you, just in case you choose to not read them yourself. A perfect addition to your desktop, this robotic rabbit is bound to make social networking a lot more interesting than it already is!

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