Karotz Robo-Rabbit gets Facebook and Twitter integration

by ruchi

An all-time favorite glowing robo-rabbit arrived at this year’s CES with a new veil of updates. The makers, Violet Karotz, have revealed their U.S-only version of the rabbit with a social-networking focus which allows users to connect this cute little robot to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Besides its penchant for the social media, the rabbit also lets your ends to send you messages and audio files and play with its ears remotely. Rabbit owners, on the other end, can record and post audio files as status updates.

[Video after the jump]

The desk-bound device here will read out your emails and other messages, tell you the news and weather, track tweets and RSS feeds, and more. The freshly added facebook integration makes the rabbit read out text messages or play received audio files, and also lets you play with its ears and flash its multicolored lights. The webcam in its nose can be used to post images on Facebook whereas the microphone will come in extremely handy to share an audio clip or dictate a text update for your wall. A free smartphone app for both iOS and Android devices is available at the moment. The Karotz rabbit will ship with matching Flatnanoz key ring tags, with embedded RFID chips to trigger apps or macros and is priced at $130 a pop.


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