Karma Chameleon, electricity-friendly clothing that charges your phone

by Gavril Mankoo

As smartphones quickly turn into nearly a primary need, the world is busy looking for great ways to charge up on the go. One of the smartest things you could do to stay connected through the day is carry a spare battery. If that isn’t on your mind and you prefer to go somewhat avant-garde, try this new development, a range of clothing capable of charging up your mobile phone! Called the Karma Chameleon, this project uses an electronic fabric woven into clothing, using a clever technique that allows a wearer to store energy in the clothes he or she wears!

These concepts aren’t going to show up at your local boutique anytime soon though. However, we certainly would like to see the guys defending our country on the borders wearing uniforms using similar technology. This could indeed help soldiers keep in contact and communicate constantly, helping them stay safe and protect the lives of many! This project was designed and developed by Prof Joanna Berzowska, of the Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and her team.

[Via – Gizmodiva]

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